Contract Farming

Within our contract farming operation, it includes looking after circa 800 acres which includes; Group 1 Milling Wheat, Hybrid Winter Feed Barley, Spring Barley and Winter Beans.

Within the farming operations, we have the latest technology and RTK GPS systems that are available on the market. This is primarily to help save cost on Fuel, Seed, Fertilizer and Chemical, not only to save cost for the business, but ensuring this is passed onto the Land owner too.

We are able to offer variable rate Fertilising/Spraying, Compost Spreading and FYM Spreading, all with data recorded & downloadable to email format.

The Combine New Holland cr8.80 is also set up for wireless data transfer, so all yield/field data can also be sent to the client for records and monitoring of crop production, enabling us and the land owner to keep a close eye on everything that is going on. With this being said, we also monitor every load of grain that goes into the store for bushel weight and moisture content, which is also recorded for the yearly crop assurance inspection (FABBL). 

We are proud to run the latest John Deere tractors with every aspect of Cultivation from Ploughing and Deep Cultivations to Min Tillage. We use a 6m Vaderstad Drill, accompanied by a Tine Drill for the wetter conditions.

RJR Contracting takes land management into serious consideration within the operations, ensuring all water courses are clear for free running water, all land drains/pipe works are running freely and working correctly. Also, to make sure the soils are free from compaction.

We work very closely with our independent agronomist; walking the crops on a weekly basis to keep a very close eye on what’s going on in the fields & to maximise crop production at plant growth stages, with regular soil p/k and PH testing.